Mind Spill

I must say one thing:

I’m gonna miss these rants. There’s nothing like being able to freely speak your mind in the privacy of your own blog. It’s my little place — my quiet space. I can say what I want, when I want, how I want, and no one will argue with me, or talk back. 

Transitioning into a more mainstream light may take away that little piece of me. That’s why I’m so nervous about doing this. But I already have one foot out of the door. So, I might as well go with it. It’s either take a leap of faith or a few steps backward. I’m all about progressing forward. So, the latter is less likely.

Anywho, the mind spill. 

*takes a deep breath*

Guys. Thanksgiving was cute and all. It was pretty nice. Just yesterday I told someone that I really enjoyed my vacation and I was actually happy. But it doesn’t take long for things to change.

I think I’ve overstayed my welcome. How can one overstay their welcome at their own home? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s time to get THE FUCK on and back to my current place of residence. This was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to go. I’m not gonna deal with someone bashing me or talking to me like they don’t have any fucking sense. I’m a grown ass woman taking care of her God damn self with how much help from you? None? Okay. Right. Thank you. So, let this grown ass woman handle her damn business and live her fucking life without you jumping down her throat all the fucking time about absolutely nothing. Just because your life is going to shit doesn’t mean mine is or will. 

“You’re the creator of your own destiny.”

Remember that next time you wanna bitch to me because your life is bullshit. 

Since I sit around and “play” on the computer all day, when it finally starts to pay, don’t open your mouth to ask me for one red cent. I’ll continue to sit around and play with my money like I did to earn it. 


God watch over me today. I don’t wanna lose my shit around these people. I’ve been having a wonderful week. I was enjoying the holidays, you know? Family time and shit. But now, it’s time for me to go and get the hell on.

Selma don’t owe me nothing. (Yes, I know that was a double negative. That’s how strongly I feel about this situation.)

I was literally just thinking about how bad I want to pack up and leave Alabama. There’s nothing for me here. It’s time for me to move on. I just want to disappear for a while, without any warning and no notice. I’m not going to tell anyone where I’m going or what I’m doing. They don’t seem to be too concerned right now, do they? I’m gonna go away and build that life for myself that I’ve always wanted with absolutely no concern for what’s going on with everyone else. Just live my motherfucking life to the fullest! I swear.

Rant over. 

Now, I had another cute post for you guys. Maybe it’ll come later. Just a short recap of my week (before this shit storm) and all of the beautiful things in life I have to be thankful for. Maybe I’ll still post it. 

In the meantime, I have some really amazing things to share! 

I’ve been talking about the relaunching of “Sandpaper Kisses, Papercut Bliss” for like .. months now. Well …. it’s finally underway! 

Say hello to “xoJaye”:

I’ve been preaching about rebranding and expanding for so long. It’s finally time. You guys know how important this is for me. It’s my little baby. I’m so excited for this project and seeing my aspirations come to life. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

For my loyal readers, the content won’t change. No, I’m not gonna “sell out” or become a lifestyle or fashion blogger. I’ll still be the same person, just under a different domain and name. 

I’m so excited and hopefully you guys are, too. Just stay tuned. You wouldn’t wanna miss this. 


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