Let me tell you guys something …

The reason I write is because there’s nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing. I write to save my life .. and others. I write to, hopefully, one day be able to improve my quality of life. 

Quality of Life

The other day I found myself in a small debate with someone discussing the quality of life and sharing sob stories. I couldn’t completely explain how I wished to improve the quality of my life or why I needed to but I did have a “rationale”. See, for some people, the odds are already set against us. I’m not one of those “Everyone’s out to get me” people and no, I don’t believe that the world is against me. However, I do know that, by default, I’m already lacking in some areas and considered to be an extra pawn rather than a player in the game. That’s just how it is.

Here goes: I’m a poor, black, woman with depression. What’s worse?

Someone? Anyone? No one? Okay.

When asking my associate that question they responsed: “My mom said a man with the same qualities. But no.”

Which was right, because no. Even a poor, black man with depression would have it better. 

I don’t have time to further explain right now, but you get it. In this very moment, I’m sitting here almost irritated because 1) I lost one of my (last) contact lenses a few week ago and can not afford to buy a new pair. 2) I just lost the contact lense out of my left eye. So I can barely see unless I’m wearing my hideous glasses that give me massive headaches. Meanwhile, my eye is still irritated, and I’m just over it …

Okay, I lied a little. I CAN afford to buy new contact lenses. It’s just that there are other things that I’d also like to buy. Like, a list of things. I’d rather have a new phone, new shoes, new blog, new watch, new hair, or something to eat than to be able to see any of it. 

Hmm. Let’s add ‘occasionally ignorant when it comes to making important decisions’ to that list of things affecting my quality of life. 



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