Reason for the Season?

My feelings are really hurt. Not one single gift, not a card, not a “Merry Christmas”. Just someone being a petty bitch. I feel like the bad child that made the Naughty list and got handed a sack of coals, except … I didn’t even get that. Of every thing I’ve BUST my ass to do for people this year, I’ve been showed zero appreciation. You had one last time and still didn’t care. Now, I can’t help but to feel hurt …

God forgive me for making this about me. But I’m over it. 

From this moment forward, I’m being selfish. Just like everyone suggested … I’m putting myself first. I’m not looking out for anyone else. I won’t give “my last” to another soul that doesn’t appreciate me for shit. I won’t put aside what I’m doing to help the next person whatsoever. That ends right now. I’m about to stop giving a fuck about the wellbeing of the next person and worry about self. Self has A LOT of restoration to go through and I will make sure that it happens.

In order for me to become pleased with the content of my life, I have to start putting myself first. And I will.

… Merry Christmas you filthy animals!


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