New Beginnings

Hi guys (if there are still any of you here), I’m writing to tell you that this will be my last post on “Sandpaper Kisses, Papercut Bliss”. It’s been a great journey, but I must say it was also one hell of a ride. While I’m ending this site, that doesn’t mean that it’s the […]

Reason for the Season?

My feelings are really hurt. Not one single gift, not a card, not a “Merry Christmas”. Just someone being a petty bitch. I feel like the bad child that made the Naughty list and got handed a sack of coals, except … I didn’t even get that. Of every thing I’ve BUST my ass to […]

Let me tell you guys something … The reason I write is because there’s nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing. I write to save my life .. and others. I write to, hopefully, one day be able to improve my quality of life.  Quality of Life The other day I found myself […]

Henny for My Troubles

Disclaimer: I literally started writing this post 13 days ago, on Monday, November 21. I get so busy and sidetracked that these posts often slip my mind. The only thing I hate is that they’re so time sensitive. From now on, I’m going to start posting things as they happen instead of postponing them. So, […]

Mind Spill

I must say one thing: I’m gonna miss these rants. There’s nothing like being able to freely speak your mind in the privacy of your own blog. It’s my little place — my quiet space. I can say what I want, when I want, how I want, and no one will argue with me, or […]